18, April 2017

Why You Should Use Fire Glass Instead Of Wood On Your Fireplace

Most people are slowly moving away from the traditional fire pits, which used firewood as the primary source of fuel. Nowadays, most homeowners are moving from this traditional fuel to safer and cost effective methods. As such, most homes resort to having their fireplace filled with fire glass. Moreover, it makes the living room neat and simple. The main purpose of having fire glass is to provide warmth and enhance the aesthetics of your house regardless of the type you choose.

Functional benefits of using fire glass

No fumes

Unlike wood logs, using fire fire glassglass means no more fumes in your home. This makes it a healthy alternative to using wood. Fire glass is used together with a fuel like propane, does not emit any fuel.

No ash or debris

The other functional benefit of using fire ash is that you do not have to handle ash or any other residue after the combustion process. Wood logs are famous for leaving ash and other products of combustion. Using fire glass takes away the burden of disposing ash.


Fire glass is made of tempered glass. This type of glass can withstand very high temperatures without showing any signs of deformation. This feature makes it possible to use for long. Its durability makes it a cost-efficient method of heating up your home.

Aesthetic benefits


Glass is naturally lustrous. This property makes it appealing to see when illuminated by any type of light. It is a great option to use in fire pits because light from propane fire accentuates the lustrous contours of the glass. Moreover, the reflective nature of glass is highlighted in a spectacular way.


Naturally, the light emitted by wooden logs looks similar glassirrespective of the type of wood used. Unlike wood, there are many types of fire glass, all with different aesthetic properties. You can choose the type of fire glass based on the array of colors, sizes and shapes depending on what suits you most.

Besides the aesthetic benefits, having a fireplace is also good for your health. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the risk of burning your home considering that the fire can be controlled easily. To realize the above benefits, you need to ensure in eco friendly fire glass. Like buying any other product, buying fire glass is all about value for money.…